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Elliott Smith Mini-Repository

Steven Paul (Elliott) Smith
August 6, 1969 - October 21, 2003

It's sad that he's gone.

By using this site you agree not to sell any of the music or other files downloaded, in any format, to anyone, including in particular selling cdr's on Ebay.

These shows are being provided for free and should be kept free unless E. Smith's friends, family or other person connected to him asks us to take the files down. Bands and artists that allow the recording and trading of their shows are doing that as a favor to people who like their music. Taking the work they give you for free and trying to profit from it is not cool.

Please note that although I recorded most of the shows posted here, the files are mainly hosted by mirror sites and I have no control over how reliable they will be. If you're having trouble with any of the files, it might be the mirror sites that are linked, you can get the files direct from this site by adding "directLinks.html" to the end of this site's address (this will only work weekday evenings (9:00pm through 7:00am) and any time on weekends). To download files instead of having them stream, Mac users "option-click", Windows users "right-click" and select "Save as file".

Elliott Smith - Live Recordings
If you'd like to know how these shows were taped, read this.
Recorded 10/1/02 at the Echo, Los Angeles

01 Miss Misery
02 Fond Farewell
03 I Figured You Out
04 Good To Go
05 Angeles
06 Something to Lose
07 I Better Be Quiet Now
08 A Passing Feeling
09 Long Long Long
10 Don't Go Down
11 Not Half Right
12 Punch and Judy
13 Memory Lane
14 Plainclothes Man
15 No Confidence Man
16 Pretty (Ugly Before)
17 Say Yes
18 Happiness
19 Between The Bars

CD art sent in
Recorded 01/12/03 at Spaceland, Los Angeles

01 Memory Lane
02 Passing Feeling
03 Happiness
04 Plainclothes Man
05 Shooting Star
06 A Distorted Reality
07 St Ides Heaven
08 Fond Farewell
09 Strung Out Again
10 The Enemy is You
11 I Better Be Quiet Now
12 No Name #1
13 Long Long Long
14 Rose Parade
15 Between the Bars
16 I Don't Think I'm Ever
17 Waltz #2 (xo)
18 Come to Me

Photos from show

CD art sent in

Another CD layout

And another CD layout
Recorded 01/31/03 at Henry Fonda Theater, Los Angeles

01 King's Crossing
02 Memory Lane
03 Happiness
04 No Confidence Man
05 Passing Feeling
06 I Figured You Out
07 Fond Farewell
08 Strung Out Again
09 Somebody's Baby
10 Coming Up Roses
11 A Distorted Reality Is Now A Necessity To Be Free
12 Pretty (Ugly Before)
13 Plainclothes Man
14 Long Long Long
15 No Name #1
16 Division Day
17 I Don't Think I'm Ever Going To Figure It Out
18 I Better Be Quiet Now
20 More talking etc
21 Say Yes
22 Brand New Game
23 Shooting Star

Recorded 02/01/03 at Henry Fonda Theater, Los Angeles

01 King's Crossing
02 Fond Farewell
03 Say Yes
04 Strung Out Again
05 Stickman
06 Memory Lane
07 Alameda
08 Pitseleh
09 Christian Brothers
10 A Distorted Reality
11 Supersonic
12 Independece Day
13 The Enemy is You
14 Angeles
15 Between the Bars
16 Antonio Carlos Jobim
17 Coming Up Roses
18 St Ides Heaven
19 Miss Misery
20 Division Day
21 Not Half Right

Photos from show
Recorded 4/1/03 at Detroit Bar, Costa Mesa, CA

01 Happiness
02 Memory Lane
03 Fond Farewell
04 I Figured You Out
05 Angeles
06 Strung Out Again
07 Christian Brothers
08 Car (Aborted)
09 Independence Day
10 Ballad of Big Nothing
11 See You Later
12 Speed Trials
13 Division Day
14 The Biggest Lie
15 You Gotta Move (Aborted)
16 Supersonic
17 Say Yes
18 A Distorted Reality
19 Car
20 Can't Make a Sound (w/The 88s)
Recorded 5/28/03 at The Derby, Los Angeles

1 Some Song
2 A Distorted Reality
3 Hooray For Tuesday
4 Strung Out Again
5 A Passing Feeling
6 Coast To Coast

Recorded 8/3/03 at The Derby, Los Angeles

1 Do It Again (Kinks)
2 Dead End Street (Kinks)
3 Here Comes Flash (Kinks)
4 Big Sky (Kinks)

This was his set at the Kinks Tribute show. Thanks to the people who emailed the song titles.
Shows I need, please get in touch if you want to trade:

02/14/01 Largo, Los Angeles, CA
04/13/01 Troubadour, Los Angeles, CA
06/18/01 Benaroyal Hall, Seattle, WA
06/20/01 Warfield, San Francisco, CA
10/13/02 400 Bar, Minneapolis, MN
01/24/03 Bowery Ballroom, New York, NY (w/JSBX encore, no distortion)
01/25/03 Bowery Ballroom, New York, NY (w/JSBX encore, no distortion)
06/07/03 Giants Stadium, NJ
06/08/03 Knitting Factory, New York, NY
06/10/03 Trocadero, Philadelphia, PA
06/26/03 LA Weekly Awards, Los Angeles

The shows listed here were either taped by Jeff/CallTheDr or me. I use a Sony MZR70 Mini-Disc recorder with a Sony ECM-717 Microphone. When I get to the show, I pick somewhere to stand where the sound is decent usually in the middle somehere. Then I hold down pause on the recorder while hitting record, then I set the recorder to "manual recording level", then I set the recording level to somewhere in the middle, then I hit pause again and it starts recording. Simple as that.

For more detailed instructions on how and why I tape live shows you can read more here.

I used to ask people to tell me who's selling boots on ebay and I'd list them here. There are so many people doing it now that there's no point. Hopefully people will realize they can trade or download all the shows you could ever want so there's no need to support people who sell them.

For all the Elliott Smith info you'd ever need go to The best site to buy independent music from is Everything Kitchens - Kitchenaid Vita Mix & Wusthof Bands, record
with Mike Rosas:

If you remember my original Elliott Smith site, you can read the story of what happened to it and where it went, along with a couple of other fun treats here at the Elliott Smith Mini-Repository's original location. I'll try to get all the videos back online when I have time. Thanks.

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